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Ute Tarasoff 

Ute was born and raised in Baden-Wuettemberg, Germany, where she grew up on her father’s warmblood breeding farm. She is a licensed German Pferdewirtschaftsmeister, which is the highest certification attainable as a German equine professional.

With this license, she is recognized as a master trainer of both the horse and rider. She completed a total of 9 years of study and apprenticeships within different licensed horse farms and breeding stables, including a horse fitness center in Bavaria, to to study Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine to facilitate the rehab of injured horses and more importantly “retraining and repurposing” them for when their race careers had ended. To complete the master program she had an additional 2 years of study. German’s formal training program includes both apprenticeships and classroom studies..

These experiences, having trained horses from training level to the highest level of competition, training students of all ages and levels in a variety of disciplines and having embraced every opportunity to mold herself into a multi dimensional horse woman over the past 30 years Ute brings a level education, passion and perspective that is leaving it’s mark on the horse community of Wisconsin.

Highlights of Ute’s career include:

  • 1988 – achieved the German Fahrabzeichen ( driving license for 2 -4 Horses Carriage) in the stable of Friedrich Eppinger, a German Master of the 2 horse carriage.
  • 1998 – began work with disabled individuals and horses; Ute initiated the first autism riding program in Baden- Wuettemberg, Germany. 
  • 1999 – awarded the Animal Protection Prize from the Ministry of the Interior Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany for her work rescuing abused and neglected horses.
  • Prior to leaving Germany, Ute owned her own horse farm with 40+ lesson horses. The farm focused on many training programs for adults, children, and those with disabilities. 
  • 2008 – Assistant Trainer in the 2008 Beijing Paralympics.


Dr. Megan Theisen 

Dr. Theisen is a double alumni of the University of Wisconsin – Madison earning her Bachelor of Science in Animal Science in 2015 and graduating as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2019.

Through various experiences while in school Dr. Theisen developed a keen interest in integrated medicine in order to provide another option for treatment and particularly pain control to her patients. Therefore, she became a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist and a Certified Veterinary Equine Medical Manipulation Practitioner in 2019. She has recently gained increased re-interest in Equine Reproduction and is honored to be part of the team at Erin Winds.

In her free time Dr. Theisen enjoys riding in the Kettle Moraine, playing piano and spending time with family. She and her husband currently own a 9yr old Boxer mix, 9 month old German Shepherd and a 21 year old Haflinger mare.






Alexis Quesada

Alexis is a dedicated individual with a profound love for animals, particularly horses. Currently pursuing a major in Animal Science, specializing in Equine Science and Management at the University of Wisconsin – River Falls, she is on a path to becoming a well-rounded professional in the world of equine care.

Born with an innate connection to animals, Alexis’s journey into the world of equine science began at the university, where she found her academic home. Her coursework delves into the intricacies of equine care, with a specialized focus on troubled horses. Alexis is not only mastering the art of equine dentistry but is also engaged in the nuanced field of equine breeding, showcasing her commitment to comprehensive equine management.

Beyond the classroom, Alexis is actively involved in the practical aspects of her field. She plays a crucial role in beginner riding lessons, imparting her knowledge to those just starting their equestrian journeys. Her contribution extends to the overall management of the equine facility, where she applies her academic insights to hands-on, real-world situations.

Alexis’s passion is not confined to academia and professional pursuits; it extends into her personal life. She shares her free time with two loyal canine companions, emphasizing her holistic love for animals. Her horse, Belle, stands as a testament to the genuine bond she forms with her animal companions.

As Alexis continues her journey in equine science and management, she remains a beacon of passion, knowledge, and compassion in the world of animal care. With a heart dedicated to the well-being of horses and a mind committed to academic excellence, Alexis is shaping a future where her love for animals and equine expertise converge into a fulfilling and impactful career.




Quality Care & Feeding

Our quality feeding program is individually designed to suit each horses’ level of work and/or needs, supplying them with the best level of nutrition. They are routinely vaccinated and de-wormed, given any needed supplements and/or medications and provided with excellent farrier care every six weeks.

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