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Lessons & Training

Come learn from an experienced and licensed German professional who has taught and trained riders and horses, and shown successfully around the USA and Europe.

Ute Tarasoff is one of the most versatile  trainers the state of Wisconsin has to offer.

Her programs work for one reason, she never skips a step.

Bring your horse to our Riding/Training Academy for tune ups, putting on that finishing touch before you hit the arena, working out bad habits, manners, building a connection with your equine partner, etc.

Before work can begin, a thorough assessment of your horses ability is conducted. Then after careful consideration, a training program is designed, milestones are set, and achievable goals are attained.

The main focus is to establish a strong foundation on the horse, and with this, you can go on to any discipline or multiple disciplines you desire. Part-time and full-time services, weekly training rides, clinics at our facility or yours, and pre-purchase consultations, available upon request.

Equine Therapy

Ute Tarasoff has developed a riding program to bring disabled children and adults together with horses in a world where disabilities can, for a brief time, fade away.

Amazingly, horse therapy has helped people of all ages and disabilities to dispel fear, and to build self-esteem and confidence.

Often, this program gives control of movement to a child or adult who does not have much control, via the horse.

The potential is incredible!


See our calendar for upcoming events (expected in the near future).

We offer birthday parties, tea parties, or holiday gatherings.

Maybe you want to rent/host your event at Erin Winds Equestrian?

Call for a tour and let’s make some memories.

Breeding Program

Erin Winds Equestrian breeds top Trakehner foals out of top approved Trakehner stallions.

We use only imported/registered mares with excellent pedigrees, great temperaments and quality conformation in our program.

Each stallion/mare combination is carefully matched to insure the continuation and improvement of their great traits and excellent attributes is passed along to their offspring.

We work with our foals daily including training them to have good ground manners for safety. A focus is placed on desensitizing and imprinting our newborn foals, making them easier to train, teaching them to trust us and remaining comfortable around guests and children. Imprinting of foals has profound and lasting effects as they age into well-mannered horses ready to be trained for their disciplines.

All our breeding is with the help experts.